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Nevada Casinos Keeping An Eye On iPhone Users

February 17, 2009
Have you ever thought about secretly counting cards on your iPhone in an attempt to get a leg up on the competition? There is an application for that and casinos are now aware it exists. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that a northern California Indian casino had discovered players attempting to use a card-counting program on an iPhone and alerted the California Bureau of Gaming Control, who then alerted their Nevada counterparts. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has informed all of the state's casinos that such a program exists. It is not illegal to count cards in Nevada casinos but:
"using a device to aid in the counting of cards is considered a felony under Nevada laws governing cheating," control board member Randy Sayre said.
There haven't been any reports of players using the device in Nevada, they just wanted to make sure casinos were aware. The application hasn't been specifically identified but it is most likely A Blackjack Card Counter. This specific application can assist players in counting cards but its selling point is the fact that it can make the iPhone appear to be powered off by simply turning off the screen's backlight.
When you press the stealth button the screen goes black. You can continue to press the "+1", "+2", "-1", "-2" and "new deck" buttons as normal. You just need to remember where they are. The total continues to go up and down according to the hidden buttons that you press. To get back out of stealth mode simply press the top half of the screen.
It's going to be difficult to use an iPhone or iPod touch in a casino now without getting noticed, even if you have no intentions of using it for cheating. Wait to call your spouse once you leave the facility just to be safe.

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