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Review: Candy Valentine Hearts

February 10, 2009
Overview Candy Valentine Hearts lets you personalize photos of candy hearts that you can email to people or save as your wallpaper. What a perfect time for this app, since that special holiday is just around the corner. And you need to do something special for that holiday. If you don’t show him/her that you love them, on that day out of all other days, then they’ll leave you. It’s just how it works.


  • Customize Your Heart
So many options… where to start?! Okay, you can write up to four lines on your heart, (but each line can only have so many characters per line). There are 17 colors of hearts to choose from, one is chocolate. The text is always that indented pink color. You can select three different candy backgrounds, or no background at all. You can even select a Christmas background that turns the heart into an ugly brown ornament. Oh, and certain characters turn into symbols. For example, the @ character becomes a heart. Aww.


The Good: This app is kind of cute. You can create some nice images, and email them to your friends or loved one. I don’t think I’ll be sending any of my creations, but I’ve still got time to think about it, since that certain holiday hasn’t come yet. And hey, it’s fun to make hearts that say things you wouldn’t normally find in a bag at the store. Use your imagination!

There’s also a free version if you don’t want to spend a dollar on a seasonal app. Unfortunately it has fewer options. The first line of text is set at “I Heart,” so you’re pretty limited in what you can say. And there are no sweet backgrounds. But… it’s free. The Bad: Okay, my biggest problem with this app is the fact that you can’t use an apostrophe. There are so many words I’d like to write but can’t because they involve apostrophes. And when you spell the compound word out, it just sounds awkward. “Don’t call me” becomes “Do not call me.” It’s just not as funny. You can’t write “It’s not you, it’s me.” You can’t use the word “ain’t.” And that ain’t right. After February 14th, you probably won’t have much need for this app for awhile. Like, a year or so. Unless they’re planning on updating for different holidays. Like a clover for St. Patty’s day, and… I don’t know, a pumpkin for Halloween? Something like that. But… since it’s called Candy Valentine Hearts, I’m going to assume that those updates aren’t coming.


This app is cute but like I said, it’s a seasonal thing so it’ll just be taking up space in your iPhone after this weekend. If you have the money to waste, and a special someone who you’d like to send romantic messages to- then go for it. And hey, even though you can’t use apostrophes, the app doesn’t censor your words, (unless they’re too long to fit on the heart.) So, feel free to be as inappropriate in your hearts as you’d like. You dirty birdie.

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