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Review: mSecure

February 4, 2009
Overview mSecure is a password manager that allows you to store tons of private information on your phone. Things like credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, prescriptions, combinations and many more! It’s the sort of things that if ended up in the hands of identity thieves, you’d be screwed. The app is supposed to be very secure though, so rest easy and enter in all of your personal/private info!


  • Familiar Interface
mSecure’s interface is very similar to the standard iPhone interface, so it’s a piece of cake to use. (Assuming you’ve master the iPhone interface by now. It’s not rocket science, people.) You can view your entries in alphabetical order by description or by type- and if that doesn’t cut it, there’s a search option so you can find just the entry you’re looking for.

  • Options!
There are no limits to the amount of entries you make. Add your personal data to your heart’s content! If there is a type of entry that’s missing- you can add that too! There’s even a page of icons for you to choose from to assign to that field.

  • Safe and Secure?!
mSecure uses 256-bit encryption of data which is supposed to be “impenetrable.” I’m willing to bet that someone could break in, if they really wanted to. But I don’t know crap about that sort of thing. I’m sure you probably know more than I do. Either you’re rolling your eyes because I’m naïve, or you’re shaking your head thinking I’m paranoid. Either way… shame on you for judging me. Oh, and your data is automatically backed up on iTunes when you sync. So it can be restored, or stolen off your computer. Yay!


The Good: mSecure is simple and easy to use. It’s not fancy or flashy and it doesn’t have to be. Honestly, I’m not afraid of identity theft and I’ve been hoping I’d come across an app like this. Normally, I’ll save my passwords on a notebook app. On my laptop they’re on my Stickies. Probably not the safest place for them, but I sure couldn’t remember all that info. The fact that this is so easy to use and set up makes me very happy. (What doesn’t make me happy is how long it takes me to enter in all of this crap. Damn it, I have way too many accounts and passwords. This is ridiculous.) I wasn’t going to enter my credit cards into the app, because I figured that if I ever need my card number, my wallet is usually nearby. But I’ve noticed that as time goes on the security code on the back of the card gets harder and harder to read. It will be nice to keep track of that and not play the guessing game when making online purchases. Because if you guess wrong three times, a van will come to your house and kill you and your family. (Or so I've heard). These websites are really beefing up security, it's crazy. The Bad: I didn’t really have any problems with this app, but if I have to think of something bad to say… I’d say this.: I wish there was a pre-set wireless type. I know computers and phones can save the password so they’ll automatically sync with it after the first time, but what about when a friend comes over and asks to get on it? Then what? You have to remember what clever password you chose. (My old wireless password used to be hellraiserpart3hellonearth. Which I thought was great…) I suppose I could create a type myself, since that is an option… but I’m lazy. Ooh, while I’m making my Christmas list, how about also maybe a type that stores computer passwords. Because it’s a pain to remember all of my work computer passwords when the computers go to sleep. I get by, but still...


If you’re a technophobe who has nightmares of identity theft from just logging into your Amazon account, then this app probably isn’t for you. But if you like to throw caution to the wind and need a good place to store important information that you’d like to have on you at all times- then you should check this out. I know there are other password managers, but this one is easy to use and relatively cheap. Just don’t lose your phone. Because… did you ever see this movie called “The Net?” That can happen, you know. That was based on a true story.

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