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Skype Finally Coming To The iPhone?

February 1, 2009
Many iPhone users have been clamoring for a dedicated Skype application since its launch. In the months following, users have turned to third party applications to satisfy their needs. In mid-January we reported that Skype had finally confirmed they are working on an iPhone version of its application but they were still attempting to reduce the amount of power it consumed. A dedicated Skype application may now only be a couple of weeks away. Pocket-lint has reported that Skype is working on bringing,
"new versions of Skype for various operating systems used in the mobile space" as well as "partnerships with major handset and mobile technology vendors."
The announcement is expected to occur on the first day of this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The event takes place February 16th-19th. Josh Silverman, Chief Executive Officer for Skype is scheduled to be a keynote speaker. Apple has always said that they would allow VoIP on the iPhone as long as it only uses a Wi-Fi connection and not the carrier's network. During this year's CES, Skype released a lite version of their application for Google's Android. It was during this event that they officially recognized they working on an iPhone version of the application. Logic would dictate that the Mobile World Congress event would be the most likely time to release the application or at least announce a release date. Mark your calendars and cross your fingers.

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