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Now Hiring - Columnists Wanted

March 30, 2009
helpjpgColumnists wanted. Yeah, I said columnists. Here at Appleiphoneapps we are in the midst of a major website overhaul. Part of that overhaul is the implementation of a platform for a team of iPhone enthusiasts, overwhelmed with thoughts and opinions on the iPhone world that they must share. We are starting a set of columns, very similar to newspaper columns. These columns will run weekly and will focus on the passions of their authors. Authors must be investigative, highly opinionated and produce well thought-out articles. In addition to our regularly updated news and in-depth reviews, these columns will serve as a backbone to our site. We have already been "beta testing" some columns, like Tyler's App Store Insider column, Jason's Missing Features column and Matt's Gamer's Corner column. So do you have an unspeakable passion for the iPhone and want a platform to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions with an audience of over 500,000 people a month and growing? Then send us an email at ( [email protected] ) and tell us your iPhone related passion that you would like to author a column of for the site. -AJ < email us at [email protected] >