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March 25, 2009


UK retailer is now offering fully unlocked iPhones that will work on any UK network, but it all comes at a premium price. The site is currently offering the 8GB iPhone 3G for £550 and the 16GB for  £600.  That would equal about $801 and $874 according to the current exchange rates, which is a far cry from AT&T's no-commitment phones that cost $599 and $699 respectively, but those are not unlocked from AT&T's network. claims that they are able to make the iPhone available unlocked and SIM-free due to, "EU legislation ensuring the sale of sim free mobile phones." The site currently estimates the phones will ship in 4-5 days. As an added bonus, shipping is free, but that is probably a minor concern to folks willing to fork over that much for an unlocked iPhone in the first place. [via The Apple Blog]

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