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Review: MyWeather Mobile

March 24, 2009
Overview MyWeather Mobile is a weather application that has all of the features you’d expect a weather app to have- features that the pre-installed weather app doesn’t have. (Because why would you pay money for an app that doesn’t offer any additional features over the pre-installed weather app? Doesn’t make any sense, does it?)


  • Forecast
Current conditions, 36 hour temperature forecast, 7 day forecast, precipitation graph, wind speed/direction graph, wind chill, pressure, dew point and humidity. There’s a trend graph that features precipitation, temperature and sky conditions, and wind speed. When you turn your phone on its side, you get the full screen mode. Nifty.
  • Radar
There’s an animated looping radar and satellite that shows precipitation and cloud cover. You can adjust the opacity too. And if you turn your phone on it’s side, the map expands into full screen mode. Hey, there’s a feature that the pre-installed weather app doesn’t have. What a novel concept…


The Good: When you start the app it automatically finds your location and gives you the temperature/forecast info for that particular place. That’s nice. Or, it would be nice if I actually went anywhere. So… next time I take that road trip across America, I’ll be ready… and I’ll know the weather conditions wherever I’m at. The UI is pretty nice. It’s organized well and information is just a touch away. I really do like the animated radar and I appreciate the extended forecast information. These are important features for a weather app to have… and do you know why? Because people who purchase weather apps don’t just want to know if he/she needs a raincoat or not when they go outside. They want detailed forecast information. Just sayin’. The Bad: You know what… I miss the little things. Like sunset and sunrise times. That seems like an easy feature to add. Fizz Weather has that feature… I’m just saying. Also, apparently it only covers the United States, so if you live or travel elsewhere, this app won’t do you much good. People have complained that the weather forecasts have been inaccurate at times, but the Burbank forecasts have been accurate as far as I can tell. I did notice that the forecast in Honolulu differed from the other weather apps I was using. It would often say it was raining there when the other apps showed a sunny 78 degrees. But since I wasn’t there, I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations. No further questions, your honor.


Unlike some weather apps that charge you money but don’t offer you any additional features over the pre-installed weather app… this one offers quite a few. This way, they can at least try to justify the price they’re charging people for the app. But the fact is, there are plenty of free weather apps, like The Weather Channel and AccuWeather that have these features and more. If you have money to burn- go ahead, knock yourself out. But I wouldn’t pay for this, not when there are such good free apps available. Usability 4/5 Value 1/5 Utility 4/5 Aesthetics 4/5

Overall Rating 3.25/5

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