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Apple Orders 4 Million New iPhones, 3 New Models

April 13, 2009


What better way to start off the week than with a brand new iPhone rumor?  Commercial Times is reporting that Apple has ordered 4 million units of new iPhones and they are expected to receive them by the end of the second quarter.  The rumor doesn't stop there, they are also reporting that Apple will be shipping not just one but three brand new models of the iPhone. Commercial Times lists the new models as a 2.75G, a 3G, and a specifically designed Chinese version.  Slashphone, one of the initial sites that broke the news, thinks they might have an idea what each model will be:
These iPhones might be a combination of 3 new models, with one only supports EDGE wireless data connection, another one for 3G wireless data connection and one model made for China market (for China’s TD-SCDMA network?).
This report builds on some previous rumors that Apple would release at least two separate models of the iPhone. It's believable that there will be two new models, with one being for China and the other for the rest of the world, but Apple isn't one to take a step backwards in the hardware department, so it seems unlikely that they would release an EDGE only model. It would be very interesting to see a CDMA version of the iPhone come to China.  Can you imagine the amount of people here in the U.S. that would try to get their mitts on a Chinese version of the iPhone if it were CDMA? The iPhone rumor season has been quite eventful so far.  Does anyone want to guess what other rumors we will see before the next-gen iPhone actually launches?

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