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Apple Q2 Financial Results

April 23, 2009


Now that Apple has announced their second quarter financial results, we are here to give you a quick rundown of what exactly took place. Apple posted a revenue of $8.16 billion and a net quarterly profit of $1.21 billion, that figure is up from the year-ago quarter figures of $7.51 billion and a net profit of $1.05 billion.  Worth noting is that these numbers represent the best March quarter revenue and earnings in Apple's long history. Apple was able to sell 11.01 million iPods during the quarter, a 3 percent increase from the year-ago quarter.  iPhone sales reached 3.79 million, a 123 percent increase from the year-ago quarter. Overall, Apple seemed very pleased with their sales and they darn well should be. There was also a Q&A portion to the conference call, which shed some light on some of Apple's other thoughts and happenings.  When asked if they were working on a way to make it easier for applications to be discovered at the App Store, they responded that they were working on a number of things, and  they specifically stated that they are expanding the App Store genres.  We're not sure exactly how or when, but at least they are addressing the issue. Finally, when asked about maintaining iPhone exclusivity with AT&T, Apple simply responded that they consider AT&T to be a "very good partner."  The have absolutely no plans to change carriers.  They did, however, basically confirm what Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg stated early this month, saying they wanted the iPhone to be a global device and using CDMA wasn't really an option.  Touché. Just to be clear, Apple really don't rule out Verizon from that simple statement.  They were just making it clear that Verizon wasn't and isn't an option while they are using CDMA. That's it for Q2, we will see you again for the Q3 results.

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