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Evolution of the FPS

April 14, 2009
wolf3dWhile playing Wolfenstein 3D Classic on my iPhone the other day (look for my review on Wolfenstein to be posted up in a few days) it really got me thinking about how far the first-person shooter has evolved since the days of the original Castle Wolfenstein and Doom. Ah...remember pushing the space bar continuously looking for the hidden rooms...or GOD Mode? Those where the days. Now look at what we've got. Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War (just to name a few) seems the gaming market is littered with numerous different shooters out there. First-person shooters have basically become the go-to game for developer's and gaming companies when decided what to bring out next and the IPhone/IPod Touch is no different. Although I think the choices we have right now on the IPhone are pretty limited. (Wolfenstein easily being the best attempt so far and it's over twenty years old!) space5So far the IPhone's list of FPS games are pretty weak in comparison. I mean what do we have? Other than a few sniper games, Hill Billy, and Metal Gear Solid...not much. Although I will mention Space Trader: Moon Madness for a second.You may not shoot anyone in this game, (and to be honest why they made it a FPS game is beyond me) but it's a great attempt at thinking outside the box and giving us an original game. The IPhone and IPod Touch are practically custom made for first-person shooters. With it's touch technology and accelerometer tilting capabilities, we should be seeing a boom in FPS for the IPhone and Touch. Once the next gen versions of these devices hit the market, will the FPS begin to dominate our hand held devices as well? Just think of online FPS play on-the-go and the ability to play them anywhere? I smile at that thought... call For me, I'm really just waiting for a version of Call of Duty for my IPhone...that would just be amazing in my book. Add the capability to play multiplayer as well...okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. Either way, as the first-person shooter is literally dominating the home console market at the moment, it's only a matter of time before it hits the IPhone/IPod Touch in a big way.

App Pick of the Week

So I'm going to start recommending a different app each week to you guys. My goal is to find lesser known apps that have these three things in common: 1. They must have a lite version so you can try it first before buying 2. They must be low in price, no more than $1.99 (cheaper is better, yes?) 3. They must NOT be in any top 25 lists or whatever (it's more fun if it's an app that most people haven't heard of yet) gav So...what do I have for you? Easily the most addicting game that I have personally played so far. It's called Gravulous and the basic idea is to win points by destroying planets. It sounds simple (and it is) and also kind of...lame? I know. When you look at it in screen shots it looks, well...lame. But just try it. If anything, the lite version. It is really addicting and just a fun game to play whenever. I've literally played this more than any other game on my phone.'s only $.99 too...boosh! gameofweek

Retro Game of the Week

First, I must congratulate our winner of last week. Samuel Irizarry guessed (almost immediately) that the game in question was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the NES. I really thought that nobody would get that, but apparently not. Again, nice job Samuel. Okay, so this week I think I've got one that should keep you guys stumped for a little while longer. Side note: I have played every game that I put up on here. Not like that matters, but I just didn't want to grab any random game online and post a picture. That's not fun. Anyway, here you go. Name the game and system it was on. Go luck and see you next week...

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