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Icy v1.1 Released by RiP Dev

April 3, 2009
interface-en Less than a week ago, the wonderful folks that make up RiP Dev (the authors of the jailbreaking Installer app) released Icy, a lite version of Installer app for the iPhone and now today they've released an update to Icy. Icy allows you to quickly and simly install packages in the same way you would in Cydia or Installer but without a lot of the overhead. The list of changes included in this version includes multiple fix and enhancements. From their site: * Recent Packages; * Support for More Info / Screenshots links in packages; * When there are package updates available, Updated tab will be shown by default in the Installed section; * Supports Conflicts package specification; * Added custom Cydia header to requests so Icy is indistinguishable from Cydia from the repository point of view now; * Moved Install/Remove buttons to the toolbar; * Shows console log for dpkg failures; * Recursive dependencies supported much better now; * Support for WinterBoard so Icy should be themeable now; * Removed Essential tag in the Icy's own info (mistakingly copied from Cydia); * Some cosmetic and minor fixes; * Some code profiling to speed up the UI even more. You can read more about the update and find the download link by clicking here. Sound off in the comments with your experience with the update! [ via ]

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