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iPhone 3.0 Firmware Findings Indicate Video Recording And More

April 7, 2009


Ever since developers have gotten their mitts on the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware we have seen some fairly positive evidence that the next-gen iPhone will contain video recording capabilities among a few other goodies.  Today MacRumors has uncovered nearly absolute evidence that the next-gen iPhone will be able to record video. The screenshot above clearly indicates a switch in the bottom right corner that would allow users to toggle between the still camera and video recording.  MacRumors indicates that the video recording interface isn't accessible by default, that is why it hadn't been discovered until now.  The only way to access the interface is to modify configuration files to make the software think a video camera is present.  They don't actually explain in detail how this was discovered so we can't confirm or deny their claims, we only have the screenshots to go by. Other interesting features were discovered within the configuration files today as well by Boy Genius Report including an auto-focus camera, digital compass,  and voice control.


This is probably as close to confirmation of video recording as we can get, at least until the actual next-gen iPhone itself is released.

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