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iPhone App Allows You To Nap At Work, Worry Free

April 19, 2009


Have you ever felt the need to take a quick nap during the long, arduous work week just to recharge the old batteries but were simply too afraid to get caught?  Well, there is now an app for that.  SilentLogic Studios created iNap@Work to help you sneak a quick nap in at work without the fear of getting fired. iNap@Work is a simple, easy-to-use application that features 5 different settings for common office sounds to assist you in your quest for more sleep.  The sounds range from keyboard typing, mouse clicks, miscellaneous office noises, paper shuffling, and even human related noises.  You can also adjust the frequency of the noises to better reflect your regular work day environment. Alright, so iNap@Work probably won't stop you from getting fired for taking a nap at work, but it is a fairly entertaining novelty item nonetheless. iNap@Work is available at the App Store for the special introductory price of $.99.

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