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iPhone Leads US & Worldwide Mobile Web Traffic Use

April 25, 2009


For the last few months we have been reporting on AdMob's mobile web traffic results and during that time the iPhone has faired extremely well. The iPhone has consistently led mobile web use by smartphones in the U.S., but never worldwide.  It looks like for the month of March things have changed because the iPhone has finally overtaken Nokia's Symbian OS by a single percent.

The iPhone was able to nab 38 percent of the total mobile ad requests worldwide for the first time ever, beating out Nokia's Symbian OS which had 37 percent.  In the month of February, the iPhone had a 33 percent share of the worldwide smartphone ad requests while the Symbian OS had a 43 percent share.  RIM's OS was a distant third with only 11 percent.


The iPhone also led all smartphones in the U.S. with 50 percent of the mobile ad requests.  This is the exact same percentage the iPhone held last month.  RIM was able to gain a single percentage point over last month's results with 22 percent.  Windows Mobile OS dropped 2 percent from last month's results, placing it in third at 11 percent.

These results are simply based on mobile web use, not device sales.  They basically show that people enjoy using their iPhone's for web surfing more than any other device.  Also worth noting is that the iPod touch isn't included in smartphone mobile web traffic use since it obviously isn't a phone.

AdMob tracks ad requests from mobile devices from their 6,000+ published sites to determine mobile web traffic.

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