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Apple To Replace iPhones Damaged By Water Via Out-Of-Warranty Service

May 6, 2009
iphone-water Not long ago we reported that some iPhone users had damaged their phones because of the moisture sensor being triggered during workouts which resulted in their iPhones not working anymore. At the time, Apple clearly stated on their website that water damage was not a warranty-covered issue. Now, in what appears to be a complete change of policy, it's being reported that Apple will replace iPhones damaged by water via their Out-of-Warranty service program. A quick check on Apple's iPhone Warranty Support page confirmed this to be the case and all models and generations of iPhones are eligible. The cost? A cool $199 for a refurbished device. Apple goes on to state that it has the final say as to whether or not your water damaged device is allowed to be replaced. Although costly, it certainly could be worse. I think that a policy like this is much better than their previous one - forcing you to pay full retail price for a new iPhone if you want to own one that works again.

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