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AT&T May Still Offer Capped Data Plans

May 22, 2009
att_logo During this week's Reuters Global Technology Summit, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega remarked that he could see the company setting a cap on the amount of data used in a month in return for a lower monthly price, but he completely ruled out the idea of lowering the data prices without any restrictions. These statements arrive less than a week after it was originally reported that AT&T was considering offering a capped data plan as early as late May. The example De la Vega gave was one like their current netbook strategy, where a cap is placed at a certain amount per month for customers willing to use less data, and if you go over your limit you must pay overage fees. De la Vega also stated that it's not just iPhone users that have spurred demand for a capped data plan, he states that smartphone adoption in general in this poor economic climate is their biggest reason for considering such a plan.
"Right now we continue to study what is the best thing that is available, not just from an iPhone point of view, but what you can do to stimulate additional demand," de la Vega said.
He did, however, completely rule out the idea of lowering the data plan prices without any restrictions.  AT&T has become increasingly reliant on their wireless data income and lowering the price without any restrictions would hurt their profits immensely. Would any of you be willing to use capped data plan to save some money so you could afford a shiny new iPhone? [via AppleInsider]

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