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Chillingo Releases Boulder Dash For iPhone, Update Imminent

May 21, 2009


We're not too sure how we let this release slip by us for a few days, but don't worry because we have you covered.  Chillingo together with First Star Software have released the classic game Boulder Dash for the iPhone and iPod touch. boulderdash_screen The object of Boulder Dash is to collect diamonds to open the exit to each cave while avoiding falling boulders and enemies.  Since Boulder Dash is a puzzle game at heart, you must also be careful not to become trapped.  Sometimes the solution to the level isn't completely apparent, so you must utilize your trusty brain cells to the best of your ability. Boulder Dash Vol. 1 for the iPhone features all 80 original caves and 4 bonus caves from the 1984 release. Boulder Dash Vol. 1 is actually two versions of the same game, one being an updated version with much cleaner and adorable graphics, and the other being a retro version for you old school fans.  Boulder Dash was originally released in arcades, so the developers have implemented on-screen controls as well as multi-touch controls to hopefully suit all players' needs.  Boulder Dash Vol. 1 also features landscape or portrait modes, pinch zooming to get in on the action, original music and sounds effects, all of the original creatures, leader boards via Open-Feint, and also the ability to chat via Open-Feint. Early user reviews have indicated that the game plays slower than expected, but this is by design.  The developers wanted to be sure the game translated well to the mobile version so they slowed it down intentionally for easier control.  To appease the masses, First Star Software will be issuing an update within about two weeks that speeds up the retro version of the game while leaving the graphically updated version the way it is for a more forgiving approach. Boulder Dash Vol. 1 is available at the App Store for the introductory price of $4.99.  The price will be raised to an undisclosed amount within about a week.

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Boulder Dash® Vol. 1
Boulder Dash® Vol. 1
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