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Developers Can Now Get App Crash Reports

May 3, 2009
crashreport Apple has started to allow iPhone app crash reports to be viewed by developers in iTunes Connect, which is kind of like a headquarters for all app sales. There developers can manage apps, check their sales, and get promo codes. Now iPhone developers can finally get a better idea of what's causing their apps to crash on iPhones and iPods around the world. Previously, the sending of crash reports had to be done manually and was dependent on the end user to find and send in. The change should have a very positive effect as developers will now have a better understanding of why iPhone apps quit, hang, and stop working. Knowing what's causing those problems can lead to better written and much more stable pieces of software, which is something I think we all would like to see. Developers can take a look at the Technical Notes for iPhone Crash Reporting here on Apple's Developer Site.

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