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Domino Domino - Set Them Up And Knock Them Down

May 13, 2009


As a kid, I had no interest in actually playing the game of dominoes.  I considered it a game that old folks played, and it just seemed boring.  Instead, as I assume most kids chose to do, I decided to create elaborate courses with the dominoes that I eventually knocked down, only to do it all over again.  Eventually my parents got so sick and tired of me stealing the dominoes, they decided to give me a game for my birthday called Domino Rally, which was basically dominoes with unique pieces and contraptions that allowed you to do more with dominoes than you could ever imagine.  Domino Domino is a game for the iPhone and iPod touch that brings back those sweet, sweet memories. dominodomino_screen Domino Domino was made in partnership with Clever Coding, the creators of the hit game Paper Pilot.  The game is more than your basic domino game.  It allows you to set up those elaborate courses, just like when you were a kid.  It also includes unique pre-made objects like stairs, slides, mouse traps, and more to keep the action fresh.  Once you have set up your domino course, you can watch it tumble down through two different modes.  One is the automatic fly-behind mode where the camera follows the dominoes, giving you a birds eye view of the whole event.  The other mode is a manual camera, where you can navigate around the 3D environment yourself and take any angle you wish to watch the action.  Courses can also be saved for later use. Domino Domino is now available at the App Store for only $.99. Embedded below is a video of a course created in Domino Domino being, which is being viewed from the automatic fly-behind camera.

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