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Drunk Sniper - Realistic Beer Relieving Experience On Your iPhone

May 11, 2009


When the slogan reads, "Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a male body organ" you know you are in for a ride.  A new application was recently placed at the App Store that allows you to basically reenact the experience that is relieving yourself after a long night of drinking. The application is called Drunk Sniper, and to put it bluntly, it makes the act of peeing in a toilet a game.  The idea of the game is to hold your iPhone or iPod touch as if it were a male body organ, then tilt the device every which way to make sure you don't miss the toilet, just like in real life.  The game becomes more and more difficult as you consume more virtual drinks, mimicking the swaying motion that you get while under the influence.  If you miss too much, the game is over. Drunk Sniper contains 5 difficulty levels, a high score system, and tons of dirty looks when played in public.  Alright, so I added that last part. The developer, Apalon, even promotes the game as a way for the ladies to try walking in a man's shoes.  If anything, it may help explain to them why men miss the mark so often while drinking. I must admit, I honestly never expected to be writing about such things when I first signed up for this job.  I have been able to write about poop and pee games without anyone questioning a single word.  I am not sure if I should be excited about this, or just disappointed.  I am going to go with excited, at least for now. If you are into this sort of thing, Drunk Sniper is available at the App Store for $.99, which is actually an introductory price.

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