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Possible Confirmation Next-Gen iPhone Form Factor To Remain The Same?

May 25, 2009
iphone21There have been many rumors flying around, especially as of late, that have indicated the next generation iPhone will keep the same form factor as the iPhone 3G, or at least close to it. A new finding from a MacTalk forum member via MacRumors may help further solidify this rumor. The MacTalk forum member stumbled upon this new finding within the iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5. The new finding clearly shows an icon for the unreleased iPhone2,1 model. iPhone2,1 is an internal indicator for the next-gen iPhone, or at least it is assumed to be because the original iPhone's indicator was 1,1 while the iPhone 3G's is 1,2. If you look very closely at the iPhone2,1 icon, you will notice little or no change between it and the iPhone1,2 icon. The images are rather small and difficult to discern, but if there were any major form factor modifications in the next-gen iPhone, they should be at least somewhat recognizable in this new icon, which they obviously are not. So is this enough evidence to finally come to the conclusion that the next-gen iPhone will remain the same on the outside?  Well, I wouldn't go out and buy a new protective case for the next-gen iPhone just yet if I was you.  It's better to be safe than sorry.

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