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Review: 3000 Awesome Facts Pro

May 20, 2009


Most everyone probably has a friend that is chock full of random factoids. Chances are that this friend will bring up their completely random (and sometimes useless) knowledge at equally random times. You may never know what you’ll do with those facts your friend may be sharing but hey, they’re fun to listen to. 3000 Awesome Facts Pro is that friend, condensed into a handy little app for your iPhone.


As the name implies, this app features Awesome Facts — 3,000 as of the latest update. Once the app initializes, a random fact pops up to read. Want to read another fact? Just scroll down or tap the screen. Want to show your buddy that fact you saw a few minutes ago? Just scroll up. img_0044 Rotating your iPhone to the left will bring up the settings option, where you can choose to mail the current fact to a friend as well as allowing you to turn randomization on or off.


The Good

3000 Awesome Facts Pro is a simple yet solid app. The facts are completely random, from pop culture and television references to science factoids to complete, where in the world did that come from, hodgepodge trivia. This is a great as time waster app, entertaining and fun to share but not so engaging that it would take you away from what is going around you. The ability to email a piece of trivia to someone is also fun.

The Bad

The downside to this app to be a little too simple. There is no telling what is coming up next. While there is a setting to turn off random, it makes little difference when there are 3,000 facts to scroll through with no discernible order to the user. The app lacks any kind of categorization which yields it useless to anyone looking for a specific type of trivia.


Overall, 3000 Awesome Facts Pro is a very casual app, something to scroll to whenever you have a spare moment. While app is not very robust, the truth is that as a fun little thing to pass the time, it works great. The fact that it is so simple for a paid app may be off putting to some. While I'd pay $0.99 for the app as is, I have to admit that I would be a bit more reluctant to pay the full price of $1.99 as for that price, I would like a bit more functionality. Despite that, I would consider it to be a fun app to have in the beat-the-boredom arsenal.

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