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Review: Health Tracker for Women

May 26, 2009
Health Tracker


It used to be that the most effective devices a woman had for recording various health issues was a calendar and a pen. However as technology has improved, women now have various gadgets and applications to not only track her cycles but also predict when her next cycle will be. Health Tracker for Women takes this tracking concept and attempts to expand on that, including more health related predictions based on a woman’s menstrual cycle.


Menstrual & Fertility Forecasting Upon initialization, the Health Tracker for Women asks the user to input information about her periods, similiar to what you would expect at the doctor’s office: When was your last period? How long do your cycles last? How regular are they? There are also some other questions including birthday, height/weight and blood type. Skin, Sex Drive, Weight Loss Forecasting Based on your menstrual cycle, the Health Tracker will also predict various health conditions as well as give tips on how to cope. This includes “Skin Beauty) or skin condition (dry, oily, etc.); “Diet Effect” or the predicted effectiveness diet and exercise will have; and “Sexual Allure” or libido.


Daily Check The Good The Health Tracker offers several things that similar apps do not offer, such as forecasting skin condition, sex drive and how effective weight loss methods will be during certain points of a woman’s cycle. Based on the entered menstrual cycle information, it shows graphs for things like basal body temperature. The Bad Health Tracker offers menstrual and fertility forecasting not tracking as the app name would imply. There is no inputting or updating information past the original information in the settings. The settings function does allow you to specify if you are irregular but does not allow you to input any information to compensate for that irregularity. The limited tracking aspect of this app, along with the inability to account for other variables in a woman’s cycle make the cycle prediction questionable. While being able to predict when and how long a cycle will start, not being able to track and update that information makes the forecasting useless to a woman whose cycle is even the slightest bit irregular. The fact that all the other forecasting features are dependent on a singular point seems to be flawed. For instance, it is nice to have a skin care predictor but every woman’s skin is different. The same part of one woman’s cycle that leaves her prone to breakouts may be another woman’s “good” skin day. It just doesn’t work.


Unfortunately, the Health Tracker for Women does not even begin to compete with other similar apps. Other tracking apps such as iPeriod and Monthlies, also predict when a a woman’s next period is due. But unlike Health Tracker which uses a single date and basic information regarding length, the competition uses calendars where a woman can input what day her period starts and ends, with extended functionality including symptoms, notes, personalization, etc.


The idea behind Health Tracker for Women would be a great idea had it been a full featured trackers as the name would imply. Unfortunately, this app is merely a simple menstrual calculator, dressed up to include interesting looking features that fall flat in performance. With plenty of other women’s health related apps which actually do allow a woman to track, rather than just record the first day of her cycle, I cannot justify buying this app.

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