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Review: Top Gun

May 13, 2009


It was cheesy, over the top, loaded with action, and we loved every second of it! Top Gun was the ultimate action film in the 80's and this new game is no different. Set years after the film, you take the role of a new recruit under the guidance and tutelage of Maverick and Iceman. Both are now instructors of the Top Gun Academy and help to steer you in the right direction as you defend the skies against a new communist threat that has appeared over our Naval Airspace. Ready to enter the Danger Zone? Like I said...cheesy, yet awesome!


They've updated the aircraft as well so instead of flying the F-14 Tomcat like in the film, you get to pilot the F-22 Raptor and B-2 Stealth Bomber. Yeah, it's not the same aircraft as in the film, but trust me, the Tomcat is pretty dated compared to the Raptor anyways. top2You get the usual weaponry that accompanies the aircraft, target-locking missiles and Vulcan Cannon guns. Avoid damage by successfully navigating around the "Danger Zone" areas when incoming missiles are locked on to your plane. The game includes a variety of different missions and environments so things don't get stale too quickly. There's plenty of achievements to collect by earning medals, you can change your handle to whatever you want, and they've included some unlockable Easter Eggs too. Last, the music. It's awesome. The opening theme from the film and the song "Danger Zone" are included in the game. The game also includes plenty of other tracks as well so you don't get sick of hearing the same thing over and over. Easily one of the coolest features in this has to be the music.


The Good:

The music is the best feature here. It is so great playing this with game with the song, "Danger Zone," playing in the background. Just awesome! The Top Gun Theme that plays when the game loads up is just classic. Really feels like the opening of the film. top1 Graphics are top notch here as well and they add a lot to the gameplay and value of the game. The backgrounds, water, and sun look amazing considering what device it's on. The gameplay works really well and it's clear this is a very polished game. There is plenty to do in way of achievements and unlockables and the game has a very high replay value attached to it as well.

The Bad:

There really isn't anything bad about this game for the most part. But since I need to find something, I have a few minor nitpicks. Yes, you are on a rail system and that makes the game feel very "arcade." I didn't have an issue with that, but some gamers have. The game is also pretty tough. You'll find that you can get overwhelmed with the amount of Danger Zone squares that you have to avoid. It takes a little time to get the game down and how to navigate properly. Not an huge deal, but it is difficult on some of the levels.

The Verdict

With so many new titles out for $9.99, this game is absolutely worth $1.99. For two bucks, this game is loaded with plenty of features and gameplay value. If you liked the film, you'll like this game. The music adds a lot to the game and really makes it feel like an extension of the film.

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