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Simplify Music 2.0 Available At Special Introductory Price

May 4, 2009


Simplify Media launched the original Simplify Music at the App Store back in August 2008.  The application allowed you to stream music from your entire iTunes music library to your iPhone or iPod touch via Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE.  You could also stream music from up to 30 of your friends' music libraries.  Simplify Media has now released an upgraded version of the application that adds even more great features at a low introductory price. simplifymusic_screen Simplify Music 2.0 gives you all of the features of the original as well as quite a few new useful features that may leave you wondering how you lived without them in the first place.  The new features include the ability to search for an artist, album, and title across all connected computers as though it were one giant library, tag favorite music from your personal library or those of a friends library, and you can even create on-they-fly playlists right from your iPhone or iPod touch.  The addition of a "scrub bar" makes it easy to move forward or backward through a streamed podcast or audio book. Simplify Music 2.0 is extremely easy to use once installed on your iPhone or iPod touch.  Simplify Media provides free desktop software that is available for Mac, PC, and Linux computers, which allows you to easily sync with your mobile device.  Once you have set up an account through Simplify Media, you can invite your friends to gain access to even more music while on the go. Simplify Music 2.0 is available at the introductory price of $2.99.  On May 14th the price will be raised to $5.99. Embedded below is a quick peak at some of the new features in Simplify Music 2.0:

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