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Will iPhone OS 3.0 Parental Controls Fix App Store Approval Process?

May 4, 2009


It has become tiresome to repeat the same old story nearly everyday, but we must because it keeps on getting thrown in our collective faces: Apple's App Store application approval process is flat out busted.  You know it, we know it, and even the rock stars are starting to see it.  Applications have been rejected for beyond ridiculous reasons on a regular basis and Apple has barely even addressed the issue, but that may be all about to change when the iPhone OS 3.0 hits the ground running. MacRumors is reporting via iLounge that Apple had originally rejected Makayama's national and international news application Newspaper(s) due to inappropriate content from the UK's The Sun tabloid.  The content in question was images of a topless women located within the Page 3 section of the tabloid.  Instead of the usual rejection message, Apple sent them a slightly altered one that noted Parental Controls have been announced for iPhone OS 3.0, and that it "would be appropriate to resubmit your application for review once this feature is available.”  Makayama has since resubmitted the application without The Sun tabloid in it. Does this mean that applications will be able to display objectionable content once the iPhone OS 3.0 is available?  If so, it would at least take some of the burden off of the App Store application reviewers (because we all know they need a break), and put the control back into the hands of the parents where it belongs.

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