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An Elaborate Find My iPhone Story With A Happy Ending

June 23, 2009


Apple's new Find My iPhone feature was announced during this year's WWDC '09 keynote to much excitement. The feature allows MobileMe customers to track their iPhone remotely by simply logging into the website and clicking a few buttons. The service is able to display the location of your iPhone on a Google Map, and you can even remotely display a custom message on the iPhone's screen, have it play a sound, or wipe its contents if you believe you won't be getting it back. When the service was first announced, I imagined there would be a ridiculous amount of stories involving this feature hitting the web, but this will probably go down as the very first Find My iPhone success story and it sure is an elaborate one. Since the story is rather long, and since I doubt I would do it any justice trying to retell it, I have included a link to the entire thing below. This is the story of how Kevin and a couple of his friends hunted down his lost iPhone using Find My iPhone. Strap in, because it's a doozy!

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