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Apple Breaks Push Notification Silence

June 21, 2009


We may finally have an answer as to why so many high profile push-capable applications haven't been released into the App Store, and it seems that the problem is exactly what we expected... Apple just wasn't ready yet. Dominik Balogh from PoweryBase, the developer of the first push-based reminder iPhone app NotifyMe, sent us an email this morning confirming that the problems have all been on Apple's end.
The release delay of Push based applications is intentional, of course. We have submitted NotifyMe 10 days ago, the same time as Beejive has submitted their new BeejiveIM version with Push capabilities. We have just received (now, sunday morning in Cupertino) an apology from Apple App Store Staff.
Apparently Apple just hasn't worked out all of the push notification bugs quite yet.  Balogh stated that according to their records, Apple hasn't even started using NotifyMe yet, which would indicate that the problems have nothing to do with any of the apps in review.  Balogh also stated that in their testing conditions, all push messages with NotifyMe were working "extremely well and right on time," which creates a bit of confusion as to what the real problem is.  The un-reviewed push-capable apps must be piling up as we speak. So until Apple works out the kinks, you won't be seeing any new push-capable apps anytime soon, but at least they have officially broken their silence on the matter.  Hang in their everyone.

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