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Dev-Team Says iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Possible Via 24Kpwn

June 26, 2009


In less than a week after the iPhone 3GS launched, the iPhone Dev-Team believes that they already have a way to jailbreak the brand new device. The Dev-Team is reporting that the 24Kpwn exploit that was originally developed for the second generation iPod touch may work on the iPhone 3GS as well.
About 5 hours ago (Thursday evening, less than a week after the 3GS launch), we were able to verify that the 24Kpwn exploit that the hybrid team used on the iPod Touch 2G is still applicable to the bootrom of the iPhone 3GS. That means we can use the same sort of technique used by our current redsn0w tool to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3GS. This is great news, but how did it happen? Why didn’t Apple fix this in their normal cat&mouse fashion? Well it seems this bootrom was cut in about the August 2008 timeframe, so the unintended early reveal of 24Kpwn earlier this year didn’t affect the iPhone 3GS.
Apparently once the jailbreak is ready to go, ultrasn0w will work with the iPhone 3GS as well, which is great news for all of you unlockers. The Dev-Team does make it clear, however, that Apple hasn't given up on their cat and mouse game.  They state that even though the bootrom is exploitable via 24Kpwn, there are other aspects of the jailbreak that will take some time to work into their current tools.  Because of this, they have no time table for when the iPhone 3GS jailbreak will be available.

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