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MapQuest 4 Mobile - You Now Have More Mapping Options

June 15, 2009


AOL has released a new map application called MapQuest 4 Mobile that utilizes as a base foundation.  This may turn out to be a great option for those of you who just aren't that fond of the iPhone's built-in Maps application, or for those of mapquest4mobile_screenyou who prefer's directions. MapQuest 4 Mobile is already available on tons of other platforms, but this is its first appearance on the iPhone.  The application has been completely overhauled to utilize the iPhone's unique multi-touch abilities. MapQuest 4 Mobile allows you to do everything you would expect with a map application, like set directions, find your current position, search for businesses and places, and even display important locations like hotels, movie theaters, gas stations.  So what sets it apart from the rest?  Well, one simple but useful ability is that it is able to display maps and driving directions in landscape mode.  You can also create your own icon to represent where you are on the map.  MapQuest 4 Mobile even allows you to route and save maps on, which you can retrieve for later viewing on your iPhone. The absolute best thing about MapQuest 4 Mobile is that it is available in the App Store for free.  Give it a try, maybe you will like it better than the built-in Maps application, and if not, just delete it since it you downloaded it for free.

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MapQuest 4 Mobile
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