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Mass Effect Galaxy Now Available In App Store

June 23, 2009


Mass Effect Galaxy for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available in the App Store.  The game is meant to be somewhat of a bridge between Mass Effect and the unreleased Mass Effect 2, both of which are Xbox 360 and PC exclusives. masseffect_screen7The game puts you in the shoes of Jacob Taylor, a biotic-powered super-soldier who must somehow stop a vicious attack that threatens all humanity. Mass Effect Galaxy allows you to participate in the story by choosing answers during dialogue cutscenes just like its console and PC counterparts.  The game features stylized graphics and a top-down view that allows you to see all of the action.  The game also contains some pretty basic controls that have some fans a tad upset.  You are able to control the characters movements via tilt controls, but the combat portion is pretty much all automatic.  Once you are in range of an enemy or boss, your reticule will lock-on to the target and automatically start firing. If you don't have much invested into the Mass Effect universe, the simple gameplay may force some of you to pass on this one, but if you are a die hard fan, it may be well worth it. Mass Effect Galaxy is available in the App Store for $4.99. masseffect_screen5masseffect_screen6

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