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Review: F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training

Review: F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training

June 26, 2009



From SGN, the maker of igolf, ibowl, etc., comes F.A.S.T. – Fleet Air Superiority Training which is a flight simulator intertwined with air combat. The flight simulator finally becomes a game as you compete against other aircrafts to be the last one standing. You’re piloting a jet, and firing missiles at enemy aircrafts as well as avoid their missiles. The flying aspect of the game is very similar to X-plane where you fly your plane using the accelerometer in 3D, 360 degree environments. The air combat part makes this a thrilling experience where you’re immersed in the dogfight with advanced missiles at your command and multiple enemies firing at you. There is limited storyline, with the only reason to be training is for the often cited upcoming war. SGN says a free update later this summer will include the war where your dog fighting skills will need to be top-notch. There are training exercises included, and the ability play against others using wifi or bluetooth. FAST_unlock


F.A.S.T. includes 30 increasingly difficult exercises against computer opponents. As you progress in the exercises you’re able to unlock 10 new aircrafts. There are multiple weapons at your disposal including heat seeking and radar guided missiles. This game seems to be centered on multiplayer with multiple ways to play against your friends or anyone around the world. The most basic connection is wifi to play one vs. one or two vs. two pitting you in a dogfight between players of your similar skill level, or against your friends. F.A.S.T. also includes the 3.0 bluetooth connectivity feature allowing you to play against someone who is with you, without an internet connection. FAST_stealth The controls are easy to learn, but difficult to master. You steer using the accelerometer, fire missiles with the icon on the left side, and fire your mini-gun with the icon on the right side. Also included is an acceleration button in the bottom middle, and a camera button to switch between 4 camera angles. Long detailed instructions are provided to teach you every aspect of the game.

The Good

The visuals are outstanding, and on par with X-Plane (the screenshots don’t do the visuals justice). It surpasses X-plane with the outstanding explosions and missile trails. The 3D landscapes below always looks great: from being over mountains, to aircraft carriers. All of the different jets are beautifully designed and intricately detailed to feel like you’re getting a close up view of these military aircrafts. FAST_camera2 The controls take awhile to get used to, and learning the intricacies of avoiding missiles can take awhile, but be patient, and it will be well worth it. The basic controls are easy for instant pick up and play, and as you get a better handling it feels like a more rewarding experience, and that you're actually flying the jet. The 30 individual exercises increase in difficulty at a perfect rate to build you up to handling multiple enemies and progressively advanced jets. Once you reach double digits in exercises all of the enemies are targeting you rather than each one for themselves. The challenge keeps you coming back for more, and really gives a feeling of accomplishment. Replayability is definitely not a problem with F.A.S.T., even once you’ve finished all the exercises and unlocked all the planes. The online multiplayer provides plenty of additional gameplay with a points based online ranking system. Every online match you play: win/lose impacts your overall score beginning with a base score of 1200. FAST_multiplayer You’re able to use any jet you’ve unlocked in multiplayer which is a great added bonus. The wifi and bluetooth connection worked well, and didn't distract from gameplay. It's nice to play against other people without any glitches, the only wait is the initial loading.

The Bad

Not too much to complain about with this title. The first problem is that some of the matches can drag, and get repetitive. It gets boring flying around searching for that last enemy, which is trying to remain out of your sight, but at the same time fire on you. The online matches seem to drag on the longest with actual people who aren’t always aggressive like the computer. The sounds aren't necessarily bad, but only about average. The only sounds are of the aircraft flying, firing and detonation of missiles, locking on to targets, and warning beeps of incoming missiles. When locking on a target it first is dash beeping, and once you’re locked on it becomes a solid tone which can get quite annoying. Also the exercises don’t save on exit which can be frustrating in the higher levels with numerous insanely difficult opponents that take quite awhile to defeat. As far as the multiplayer, the connection was lost a couple times on wifi, playing against someone you don’t know.

The Verdict

F.A.S.T. – Fleet Air Superiority Training finally builds upon what X-Plane started adding wonderful gameplay to the beautiful flight simulator. Once you figure the controls out this is an extremely fun experience, and one of the most unique in the App Store. F.A.S.T. provides such an immersive experience that you really get into it, frantically moving you’re iPhone in every direction to avoid missiles and get in the right position to fire on your enemies. FAST_hit F.A.S.T. provides an air combat simulator that allows you to play you closest friends and anyone around the world. If that peaks you’re interest just a bit, you should definitely check this out. All of the unlockable real life jets, and online ranking system makes this game fun for a long time. This type of gameplay isn’t for everyone, and can be repetitive after awhile so it’s a should have, but not a must for everyone.

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