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Review: Hide a Caller

June 5, 2009



Being able to see exactly who is calling on your iPhone can be pretty handy at times. Unfortunately, it is also pretty easy for others to see who is calling you. Hide A Caller Pro is an app  that can mask the real identity of your callers from prying eyes of family members, significant others or nosy neighbors.


Web Logins Discreet & Secure The app icon appears on your screen the innocuous “Web Logins.” A password will provide more protection for anyone whose curiosity gets the better of them. Caller & SMS Masking You can choose an alias to mask he true identity of the person on the other end of the line for both incoming calls and texts. Alias Choices Variety of Aliases Aliases can be either gender and there are various ethnic names to choose from. A user can choose to have the names randomized from a particular ethnicity. Import/Export from Contacts You can import and export contacts to and from your existing contacts.

The Breakdown

Whether you’re just trying to keep others out of your business or you know you’re a prime candidate to be featured on the next episode of Cheaters (*cough*cough*), this is a great solution to hide your tracks on your iPhone. Hide A Caller will keep whoever is calling you safely anonymous. The app itself is simple to use and needs little explanation. I love the fact that the random name generation takes names from all over the world. I think this feature could go a long way toward believability. I also like the fact that you can also choose a phone number as an alias. (“Sorry, I really need to take this. See? It’s a call from the office….” This is just a hypothetical situation, of course. Not that I have experience with anything like this...) One thing about the import/export from your current iPhone contacts. If you choose to use an alias with an existing contact, the photo and name will be changed on your contacts as well any custom rings, if set. This is something to keep in mind if you decide you don’t want to use an alias with your existing contact. Also, if an existing contact is imported into the Hide A Caller function, deleting the alias will also remove the contact from your address book.


If you’ve got a need to hide who is calling you, Hide A Caller will do the job nicely. From its appearance on your iPhone as "Web Logins", it is innocent enough to not arouse any suspicion amongst anyone who may be poking around your iPhone and the password feature is a great deterrent for anyone who may be a bit more determined. The alias feature does the job thoroughly and being able to choose an alias or randomize one from an extensive database of names is great. Overall, Hide A Caller is definitely worth the price if you think you need it.

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