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Review: Let’s Golf

Review: Let’s Golf

June 29, 2009



Let’s Golf is an arcade style golf game for easy pick up and play and is similar to Hot Shots Golf, or even Mario golf. Everything in the game is cartoonish in comparison to the more serious Tiger Woods for the iPhone. This game is made to appeal to everyone rather than simply golf enthusiasts. Included is a 3D golfing experience to see the deluxe landscapes of the respective courses. The game is made for quick pick up and play with super easy controls, and a relatively quick pace. Let’s Golf implements golfing on the iPhone nearly flawlessly. The style makes Let’s Golf appealing, and the fun factor is outstanding.


There are quite a few features beginning with four courses to play, and four characters to play with. You begin with Fiji, and England and as you win tournaments you unlock the USA and Scotland. There are tons of unlockables with two of the four characters, medium and hard difficulties, and new clothes and golf balls. Golf_unlock Included are four modes of gameplay: instant play, free hole, multiplayer, and tournament. Instant play is a quick way to play three random holes from any of the four courses. Free hole lets you pick any of the four courses, and play the front or back nine. Multiplayer is simply playing someone else on any course of your choice over wifi, or passing the iPhone back and forth. Tournament is where most of the game is, providing four tournaments to play for each of the four courses. You compete against computer players on the front and back nine, all 18 holes, and a nine hole shuffle. Once you finish first in all four, you unlock the next course, and the next difficulty for the course you just completed. golf_controls Also included are two types of controls: basic and advanced. In basic mode you tap the green button to start the meter, then you tap again to lock in power, and then tap a third time to lock in accuracy. Once you’re ball is in flight, there is a ball in the lower left that you flick to change the spin on the ball. There is also an advanced mode that is more like a golf simulation compared to the arcade style.

The Good

The best aspect of this game is that it’s the most fun golf game in the app store. Learning the controls takes a couple tries, and then you’ll be blasting the ball all over the course. The game speed is super quick for golf, and that’s what really keeps you hooked. You’re ready for each shot right after the ball lands from the previous. Also included is a save system that picks up on your exact swing on whatever hole you were on when exited. Golf_flight The visuals are definitely great to look at, and a must for a golf game. The 3D courses are beautifully designed with each course having intricate details distinguishing each one. You’re able to see the entire hole from many different angels. When you first come to a hole there is a fly over from tee to pin and then once you hit you’re ball the camera follows the entire flight. The animations are great as well beginning when you hit the ball there is an orange or blue flurry around your player. Also while you’re ball is in flight there is a white trail to be able to follow it easily and track the trajectory to decide if you want to put spin on it. Overall the graphics show beautifully designed courses that by themselves give reason to pick up this game. Golf_niceshot Each course has a different enjoyable upbeat soundtrack with a little variation on each hole. There are a few comments like great shot, or chance for a birdie, as well as a jingle when you make a birdie or better. On your drives they sound like massive blasts with the sound effects provided. The controls really make this a fun experience anyone can enjoy. They're super simple and help speed up the pace, so it seems like you’re always determining your shot or actually shooting rather than waiting on loading or a convoluted interface. To look at where your shot will land you just tap the map in the upper right which helps for pin point accuracy for set-ups and chip-ins.

The Bad

One problem is that there are only 4 courses, and after you finish 1st place on all four courses 1-18 there isn’t much incentive to play more. I would definitely like to see more beautifully designed courses, and more holes to test my skill on. Replayability can be a potential problem, but having a golf game to play anytime anywhere in short bursts will always be nice to have. Golf_leaderboard The game is a little shallow for a golf enthusiast, but I think the fun should make up for that. The tournaments could be a little more involved, as you only play against a few computer players rather than a huge leaderboard. Also it would be a little better if you actually got a trophy rather than just being on a 1st place pedestal.

The Verdict

Let’s Golf provides more fun than any golf game in the app store. It’s relatively fast paced for golf, and the controls make it accessible to anyone. The courses are a joy to play with all of the beautiful intricacies from the different locations. The controls allow you to actually do well, sinking multiple birdies and the occasional eagle always adds enjoyment. Let’s golf is a great game, but isn’t ground breaking, or an iPhone game standout. It’s definitely fun, and appeals to a bunch of people. If you’re looking for a fun sports sim, Let’s Golf should be your go to game. Golf_one

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