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Review: MovieFlick

June 13, 2009



In the absence of an official app from Netflix, there are several apps, both free and paid, to fill this gap. MovieFlick is an iPhone app that allows you to manage your Netflix account right from your iPhone. MovieFlick not only allows you to view your DVD and InstantWatch queues but also allows you manage them, search for movies and more.


MovieFlick offers numerous features: Browse - Television Top 25 Browse & Search for Movies You can search for movies using MovieFlick’s search function as well as browsing by category. The movie pages are full featured, allowing users to rate the movies, read reviews, YouTube trailers. MovieFlick also includes Netflix’s Top 100, Top 10 by category as well as Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Manage Your Queue If you find a movie you want to add, you can simply add it to your queue. You can also move positions in queue or delete movies entirely. Multiple Account Management If you have multiple NetFlix accounts, you can easily switch between your accounts to manage them


I rely heavily on Netflix for my entertainment needs and I admit that I am prone to wondering, “Huh, I wonder if that’s available on NetFlix?” while I'm miles away from my computer. I suppose I could say that this app is a bit of a godsend for me but that would be overly dramatic. But still, I have to admit that this app makes managing my Netflix account pretty easy. Being able to look up movie availability on Netflix as well as manage my queue, check out reviews and everything else makes this app almost invaluable to me. I found the app to be really easy to use and well organized. I appreciate that the browse function has Top 100, New Releases and more. It is great to flick through and to find more things to add. And I did find myself going on a bit of an adding spree. I'm the sort of person who tends to add things to my queue without really thinking about it or taking time to manage it. And then later I realize that I’ve got a ton of movies in a random order. I can easily manage my queue (as well as add more to it) wherever I happen to be which is a bonus. I am finding myself hard pressed to find anything to really critize. MovieFlick's page on iTunes is pretty smart to note that you cannot use the app to watch your Netflix movies for some would be users. While I'm sure this is disappointing to some (and I admit the feature would be pretty cool), this isn't a deal breaker.


To be fair, MovieFlick isn't the only Netflix app out there. Among MovieFlick's competitors are PhoneFlix (free) and iRentMovie ($2.99). All three apps include queue management -- how well they do it varies between the apps. Queue management is much easier on MovieFlick and iRentMovie which have drag and drop interfaces vs. PhoneFlix's re-sort by numbers. All apps also have a Search function, allowing users to search for movies by name. Between PhoneFlix and MovieFlick, MovieFlick's has the more robust search which allows users to filter selections via disc type and rating. However, the more expensive iRentMovie's search function trumps MovieFlick's search, adding more options including searching by year, cast and director.


Personally, I love movies and am a heavy Netflix user but I wouldn't call myself a movie buff. That being said, MovieFlick is a solid app for my needs. I can look up movies, browse the recommendations and read reviews with MovieFlick and for someone like me, that's really all I need. MovieFlick does its job fast and efficiently with an easy to understand interface. While not as robust as its pricier competitor iRentMovie, which would probably be suited for Netflix users who are more serious about their movies than I am, it still packs more features in an easy to use package that makes it worth the $1.99. While not an absolute must have, MovieFlick is a great to have app for your average to heavy Netflix user.

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