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Review: Stick It

June 2, 2009
Stick It screen shot


A new app from Tap Factory, Stick It is an app that brings the usefulness of sticky notes to your iPhone. Stick It allows users to create their own customized stickies and then use those stickies as a lock screen wallpaper.


Stick It screenshot As the name implies, Stick It is a lot like sticky notes for your iPhone. It has several features: Wallpaper Function with Preview Stick It includes an export feature that allows users to set their current Stick It screen as a wallpaper which can be then set as their iPhone lock screen. It also includes a Preview function that allows Customizable Notes The default sticky note is the classic yellow but there is a rainbow of colors as well as a selection of different fonts to choose from. There’s also a selection of comic balloons, parchment and signage to make into stickies. Movable Notes - The sticky notes can be moved around on the screen, allowing a user to easily organize their notes as they want. Tapping a note will bring it to the front. Customizable Background If you’re not fond of the default corkboard background for your sticky notes, you can choose from a selection of backgrounds. You can also choose your own background from your pictures library on your iPhone.

The Breakdown

I confess, I am a sticky note addict. My office is often covered in color-coded sticky notes. On my Mac, Stickies is my go to application for jotting down quick notes and writing drafts before transferring them to whatever their permanent home is. With that said, I like what Stick It has to offer. I like being able to choose between a lot of different colors as well as to have stickies that are outside the traditional sticky note look. The ability to easily export the image to use for a lock screen is a great use for the wallpaper function. I do have a few reservations about the app. When I stacked multiple notes of various sizes on the screen, it wasn’t always easy to grab the note I wanted. Note sizes are fixed so there’s only a fixed amount of space for your notes. Something else I found a little disappointing is that it won’t work as another notepad application. The notes aren’t saved after closing so after you make your stickies, you have to export it in order to keep your stickies.


Overall, I am very happy with Stick It. While not perfect, it is a well designed app that I can see being very useful to sticky note addicts like myself.

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