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Things Gets Updated With iPhone OS 3.0 Features, Help Us Find More 3.0 Apps

June 17, 2009


Things is by far the most popular paid to-do app in the App Store and there is a good reason for that, it simply works just like it is supposed to.  The application offers a nice balance between ease of use and features, and it is only going to be better now that it has been updated with iPhone OS 3.0 features.things_screen Things allows you to easily jot down and keep track of all of the tasks you need to complete throughout the day or even in the future.  You will never miss another assignment due date, forget to pay a bill, or lose track of any other important event. Things received a 1.3.7 update today that adds three new iPhone OS 3.0 features, which will allow you to accomplish even more.  The features include: in-app mail sheet, cut, copy, and paste support, and undo support.  It may not sound like much, but after downloading the update and utilizing these new features you will realize how important they really are. Things is available in the App Store for $9.99. Of course Things isn't the only app to receive iPhone OS 3.0 features, and that's where you come in.  We are on the lookout for more apps just like Things, apps that are important to you that have received added iPhone OS 3.0 features.  If you notice that one of your favorite apps has received an iPhone OS 3.0 feature update, leave a comment below describing the app and the update.  We try to compile a list later on of some of these more useful apps and features. Thanks for the help!

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