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YellowSn0w 3.0 Unlock On The Horizon?

June 15, 2009


We have some breaking news straight from the iPhone Dev-Team to share with you. MuscleNerd, one of the key members of the Dev-Team, has just announced via Twitter that tomorrow evening they will be showing off a live demo of the YellowSn0w 3.0 unlock.
First live demo of YellowSn0w 3.0 unlock Tues eve! Should answer lots of questions. Feed to be announced here & on blog. update: MuscleNerd has posted the following pic "A preview of the preview :)".  The picture clearly shows the final 3.0 release and baseband on t-mobile's network (see modem firmware version)
This is all of the information we have at this point.  We are unsure if the unlock will work on all 3.0 devices, or if it will only work with those that update using the pwnage tool.  We are also assuming that this does not directly pertain to the new iPhone 3G S since they obviously couldn't have had any hands-on time with it yet. We will keep you posted if/when we obtain more information.

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