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Retronyms Recorder 10 Adds Phone Call Recording Feature

July 16, 2009


Two days ago, Retronyms released an update to their popular Recorder iPhone app, bringing it up to version 10. I've been using this app since it first came out to record all sorts of things such as meetings and sometimes just to take notes. It's got an easy to use interface and is constantly being updated and improved. The WiFi sync option makes it as easy as possible to download your recordings onto your Windows or Mac based computer. When Retronyms released their update and I went to read the description of what was new, I was shocked to read that they has implemented a call recording feature. This is the first known app available in the App Store that allows phone calls to be recorded. Yesterday, however, that newly added feature didn't work. I contacted the developer who said that for some reason Apple approved the update to Recorder but did not approve the in-app purchases that are required to be able to make the kind of phone calls that can be recorded. About 24 hours later, this has all been resolved and call recording is up and running in the Recorder 10 app. I'm thrilled about this new feature but it does have it's limitations and one big one is that only outgoing phone calls can be recorded. The other big limitation is that this service is only available for customers in the US right now. The developer says that they are working to bring this service to other countries. As far as pricing goes, you're going to end up paying $1.99 for 1 hour and $12.99 for 8 hours of recording time. It really is going to depend on how much this is of use to you to determine if it's worth it or not. 8 hours is a lot of talk time so I'm thinking that might last a while and be worth it. You can check out Recorder in iTunes right here. If you end up getting it and and check out the call recording feature, let us know about it in the comments. Here's a picture of the Call Recording screen.


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