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Review: 1001 Ringtones

July 15, 2009



Download ringtones to your computer from your e-mail for free and place them in your itunes. It's simple. Go through the ringtones by alphabetical order and preview a ringtone that takes your fancy. Each preview is about 5 seconds long. Enter your e-mail address and the ringtone is sent directly to your e-mail. 0111


Preview: The preview function allows users to listen to the ringtone for approximately 5 seconds to decide whether they wish to download it. No strings attached, keep previewing until you find one you like. Download: To download the ringtone you must enter your e-mail address and then go to your inbox and download the attachment (the ringtone). The file can then be syned with your itunes account and placed in the ringtones folder. It's simple, but a longer process than being downloaded directly to your phone. Names: The names of the ringtones can give you a great sense of what your going to be listening, for example it could have "Annoying 1" or "Parents Calling". If you want to stay clear of annoying ringtones then you know to steer clear of those with such names. If your looking for a ringtone when your parents call, then they've got it. Search through the names, you'll find something just by the name. 0121


Good: There are literally 1001 ringtones to choose from so there is a lot of variety. There are different versions however, so while you have "Annoying 1" you can also have "Annoying 2,3,4,5 or 6". Same as with different piano sounds or beats. It's great that you can preview them before having to download them to your inbox just to hear what they sound like. 013Bad: Unfortunately, there is more bad to this app than good. The preview while great, is not long enough. Hearing only 5 seconds of what could be a 30 second ringtone doesn't give the bigger picture of what you could be downloading, especially if the ringtone is one that changes tone by yelling if you don't pick it up. Downloading although simple is a longer process than it should be. Having to go to your inbox, download the attachment, sync with your itunes and then set the ringtone is just too much, when downloading the ringtone directly to your phone would be much easier. Also, be aware when receiving the e-mail be sure to check your Junk box because quite often the e-mail and attachment will be sent there rather than your Inbox. This was a common complaint by those on itunes. 003 The type of songs didn't really attract me, I'm not one for annoying people yelling at me to pick up the phone, or chicken's doing techno, however, there are some cool music riffs, such as the "Funky" ringtones. If you do enjoy annoying ringtones or crazy ones...then you'll love this app. You'll also love it if your college anthem appears in it. But, in my opinion the ringtones just weren't that great.


For $1.99, I'd go and download a new song or something your actually going to enjoy listening to for longer than maybe 2 phone calls. The annoying ringtones and beats can be funny or attractive for sometime, but eventually they become stale. I say, spend your $1.99 on a song you love and can listen to more readily. [gallery]

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