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Review: iFitness

July 3, 2009



058 iFitness is a personal trainer on your iPhone. It's a reference for all those who go to the gym, and never know what exercises to do. iFitness categorizes exercises by area or muscle. Within each area, it displays a list of exercises. Select which exercise you wish to try and it will display an image of how to do the exercise. There are over 230 exercises featured in iFitness. After selecting an exercise, gym-goers can also get the description, log how many reps, what weight or for how long each exercise is done -and there's even a space for your own comments. iFitness is perfect for those who like to track their efforts. Using the daily logs, iFitness compiles a graph, which provides an easy to read lay out of your progress or failures, which ever it might be.


076Log Entries: Log entries allow users to enter reps, weights or time spent on exercises. This way users can refer back to them and know how many, or long they should be doing the exercises for. Log entries can graph your progress, which helps with motivation and keeping on track. There is even space for your own comments. My Workouts: Getting sick of a workout is very common, so iFitness created a section called "My Workouts" where you select which exercises you enjoy and customize for different days or workouts. Routines: iFitness also has "Routines" where gym-goes can select from a series of workouts such as "Beginner Program", "Abdominal Defining Program," "Weight Loss Program," and more. This section is great for those who don't know what they need to be doing in the gym for specific results. Extras: iFitness has everything a gym-goer needs, from exercise ideas, to program, or customized workouts. iFitness even has extras which include a calculator for your BMI, a weight monitor with graph and product information. Images: iFitness has great images to display each workout, with detailed descriptions to go with them. It's a great way to get new ideas for your days in the gym. 059The images are clear and have steps to show you the progression of each exercise. Descriptions of Exercises: The descriptions are detailed and also have steps to match the images. Each description has the name of the exercise, primary muscle, additional muscles and what skill level. One excellent feature of iFitness is you can export your progress to yourself by e-mail so you can keep track wherever you are. Finding Exercises: Finding exercises through muscle type is another great feature of iFitness. It displays an image of a person with pins to display the various muscles, you then select one and it will display what exercises with work that muscle. 0091


iFitness is great for gym-goers who get bored of their same old routines and need new material, or those who are just starting out and are not sure what to work out. The routines are great for beginners also. iFitness is great because it works with you, you can customize your workouts whether you’re a beginner or a gym-junkie. The graphs will help keep you motivated and on task.

The Good:

The images are clear are have step-by-step to show how the exercise should look. They have both women and men modeling the exercises. 075 The descriptions that go with the images are detailed and are also step-by-step. The graphs are a great idea to help keep you motivated and on task. It also helps keep you on track with how many reps, seconds or weights you are doing on each exercise which can be difficult if you’re doing a number of different exercises. Finding exercises by muscle is a way that you can find an exercise you know will work that specific muscle, it gives you a number to choose from so you can also choose one that you think suits you. 077

The Bad:

It would be great if it had a calorie tracker to go along with everything else, but there are other apps that do simply this. It would also be great if iFitness had customized playlists to go along with your workouts, so you can have "get-up-work-out” songs for cardio work, and calmer relaxing songs for abdominal work. Otherwise, iFitness should categorize exercises by "with equipment" or "without equipment" because many of the exercises feature equipments such as dumb bells, bars or fitness balls that some gym-goers may not have, or have access to.


For $1.99, this device acts as your own personal trainer. It has everything a gym-goer would need, whether they are new or veterans. Get new ideas and vary your workouts to keep on track. iFitness is the ultimate Gym buddy that you should have for your iTunes library. [gallery columns="5"]

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