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Review: ZombieTown: Paint It Red

July 16, 2009



In ZombieTown: Paint It Red, you are put to the task of killing hordes of the undead. While the game is pretty much the same thing we've seen before in most of these zombie type of games, it does offer some fun new additions to the genre. However, the game also comes with some not so fun additions that might just make you think twice before purchasing.


The game comes with quite a lot of features included in it actually. First is the fighting combat. You have a melee attack that you can use and string combos together for maximum style points. Use the style points to purchase guns, ammunition, and item upgrades. zombietown-chain The melee attack does come with a catch in the way of a limited stamina bar. Once that is filled up, you cannot attack again until it goes down. The other combat move you have is shooting. Because what is a zombie game without shooting? Use a multitude of guns and weapons to take out the swarm of zombies coming after you. Since we've been talking about the weapons and upgrades and such, here's a few of the gems you can purchase with those style points I mentioned early. For guns there is a wide range of stuff. From your classic shotgun and handgun, to more heavier weapons like a chain gun, uzi, and the portal gun. There's also health kits, ammo, and a crate that you can hide under and confuse the zombies with.

The Breakdown

The Good:

zombietwon-shotgunThe look and feel of this game are easily it's biggest selling points. The game was modeled after the art of James Silva. That's the guy that was behind the XBOX 360 Live arcade game, Dishwasher by the way. In short the game looks great and the style of the graphics fits the gameplay perfectly.

The Bad:

The controls for this game work, but they're not as smooth as you'd like them to be. You have to tap the top part of the screen to fire and the bottom to melee. Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move left or right. zombietown-dead The problem is that when you move left, you still face right. To fire left you have to tap in the top left corner. This can and does get a little confusing and it will cost you some health and possibly a life trying to get it down. The game also has some lag to it as well. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not, but it's there and it's definitely annoying when it does. Overall the game just doesn't play very smoothly, which is a shame.

The Verdict

This game is fun, no doubt there. However, it does have some considerable flaws to it and I'm not sure just having amazing graphics is enough. It's only $0.99 so it's not too expensive, but make sure you know what you are getting into with this one. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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