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Search For Text In Any Website In Mobile Safari With This Handy Bookmarklet

July 22, 2009


Here's a handy little bookmarklet from Cydia that could be useful to everyone, not just the iPhone jailbreakers out there. To install the bookmarklet, simply copy and paste the following text into an e-mail and send it to yourself (or find some other way to get this text onto your iPhone).


Once it's on there, copy all of the text by selecting it and then go into Safari and go to any web site. Bookmark the website to your Safari bookmarks. After that, edit the bookmark you just bookmarked and erase the entire http://www.whatever address line and double tap in the blank space and then tap on "Paste". Then, erase the title of the bookmark and name it "FindInPage" or whatever you want. Tap the back button and then tap Done. To test it out, go to any website and then tap the bookmarks icon and select "FindInPage" and then follow the directions. You should now be able to find text in whatever web site you're currently on. Kudos to the original author Rafael Cimatti for coming up with this little gem.


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