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The Newest Summer Accessory: How the iPhone Can Make Your Summer Even Better

July 13, 2009

Summertime is for many things. It is a time to laugh with close friends as you listen to the fresh new seasonal music, which has an erie semblance to the fresh new music of most summers preceding. It is a time to go on lengthy and extravagant vacations to distant destinations. It is a time to sit back and get massages while you gingerly sip from a refreshing….

Ok, let's be honest. I don’t imagine that this actually describes any of our summertimes, especially not in this economic climate - however, if it does, I would politely/jealously ask that you never come near this site again. Instead, most of us are likely spending our days tirelessly working, so that we can make it to the weekends and catch up on all our leftover work. Regardless of our precise individual schedules, I think we can all agree that summer just isn’t what it used to be.

But c'mon, that can't be the end of it. We can't consign ourselves to a life of joyless summers and actual responsibility! There has to be something we can do to have more free time, right? Well there is, and here it is…the 3 apps to help you get the boring stuff out of life's way as efficiently as possible.

(And following that, the 2 apps to use once you get there.)

Todo-The best todo app there is. (Fitting that it should be named so.) For some reason, I am obsessed with keeping my home screen the way it was when I got it. That means it all stays...the stocks app I never use, the Youtube app I rarely have the bandwith to use, and the phone app which rarely lights up (cue small violin.) So that leaves one spot. One opening for an app that is not native to the phone, but rocks my world enough to be the first thing I see when I turn that sucker on...and this is it. Trust me, it will help you to do more stuff...I mean, it has to right?

Whack pack- Possibly the most hesitant purchase I have ever made. I am usually not a fan of all the new age, feel good, synergy type stuff, but this app really does help you rethink and reexamine a lot of ways in which you think and work. If you are involved in creative work, or management, or if you are a member of the human need to try this out. Bottom line is; it makes you work more effectively and smarter; and as long as your not getting paid by the hour, that’s a good thing.

Awesome note-If an app is gonna replace something the iPhone already does for free, it better be dang good at it, and luckily this is. It is most beneficial for those of us with bad memories (those who must access imdb, Wikipedia or google more than two times a day for general knowledge which is just on the tip of your tongue... so, basically everybody). It has a really great UI, and I don't say this much...but Apple could take some, eh, yeah I know that was lame.

And now the apps to enjoy after all that creative, annotated, todo-ing is over with...

Rolando 2-I am not prone to hyperbole, but this is the single greatest achievement of humankind. No apologies. No clarification. It just is. Play it, now. I'll wait. See?!  There is no competition out there for this game, it is simply the best out there. You deserve this level of entertainment. How long have we wanted a Proffesor Layton for the iPhone, or some other console exclusive title for our little engines that could? Well now, let those high-falutin X-box 360 and PS3 owners look on in lust as we enjoy something they never will...unless...they buy one too. In which case, they win again...

Stanza- This is a great app, and its free! I know what your thinking. "You promised us fun and a reprieve from the work." Well, I promise you...reading doesnt have to be a can be fun. And while reading on an electronic device can be strenous at times, this is about as good as it gets.

There you have it folks! Good luck not working too hard this summer!

What do you guys think? What helps you while away the warm sunny days of summertime?

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