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Why Jailbreak: Even More Customization

July 3, 2009


I've always said that possibly the best thing about jailbreaking is the customization abilities it provides. There is no iPhone like mine in the entire world. Think about that. Over 20 million other iPhones on the planet, and since I have jailbroken, I now have on that's unique from all of the others. Sure, your music, contacts, photos, and apps make your phone unique, but jailbreaking and customizing my phone more shows the world that I am unique. This article is all about the 7 things that I have used to make my iPhone, and therefore myself, stand out from everyone else.

Lightsaber Lock Sound

What noise do you hear the most while using your iPhone? You'll agree with the answer, but it may surprise you. It is your lock and unlock sounds. It's obvious now, but you don't really hear it anymore since you've heard the sound thousands of times. So, what better sound is there to replace via jailbreak, seeing as you hear it at least 50 times a day? The sound that plays when I unlock my iPhone is the sound of a Lightsaber turning on: Listen And when I lock it again, I hear the sound of a lightsaber powering down: Listen Very cool (and kind of dorky, I guess), if you ask me. Any fan of classic films like Star Wars can appreciate customization like this. And turning it off is as easy as just a click of a button in WinterBoard (But who would ever wanna go back to any other lock sound?).

WALL•E SMS Background and Tone


Above you can see what I replaced the boring green- and gray-themed Apple SMS app with. Yay WALL•E! Not much more to say about this, except for, well, you'll see... My second most heard sound while using my iPhone has to be the SMS tone. Although the horn is pretty cool, none of the SMS tones make me feel proud to own an iPhone. Thankfully, however, jailbreaking has come to the rescue once again. Behold, the most awesome SMS tone ever, the WALL•E SMS Tone: Listen Admit it, you wish you had this SMS tone instead of that tri-tone mumbo-jumbo. This tone was actually one of the main reasons I jailbroke my phone (but then I discovered that jailbreaking could be so much more after I took the plunge). The WALL•E SMS tone shows the world that I love a movie about a little silent robot, while also notifying me of a new text message; all in under 2 seconds. Ah, the glory that is jailbreaking...

Pay Phone Keypad


It's rare that I actually call people on my iPhone. I know how weird that sounds, but it's true. And even when I call people, I almost always call them through the favorites list. But, on the rare occasion that I get to use the keypad, I get excited since I can show off my customized keypad. As you can see above, it is much better than the cold and robotic keypad provided by Apple; this one is more wholesome and pleasing to the eye. Plus it's really cool!

Weather Background


Here are seven different backgrounds to my Weather application that I alternate between. They are very cool, and add a bit of style, elegance, and color to the previously dull Weather application.

White Calculator


There's nothing wrong with Apple's calculator color scheme or 'button look', but anything can be improved upon, right? Absolutely (3G S, anybody?). Above you'll find the calculator that I have on my phone. It is still fully functional with all of the original buttons and everything, it just looks a little but better. Jailbreaking strikes again!

You've Got Mail

This last one is one of my favorites. Another sound I hear all the time from my phone is the “you-just-got-an-e-mail” ding. But I've gotten to the point where I've heard it so much that I don't really hear it anymore. But, by replacing the tone with this classic sound clip, I will know when I get an e-mail while also letting people know that I am a man of class and tasteful humor: Listen Pretty cool, huh? So, there you have it. Just the beginning of what jailbreaking can do, and of what makes my phone so incredibly unique and personalized.

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