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Apple Claims External Pressure Caused Screen Cracking, Not Faulty Batteries

August 28, 2009


Over the last couple of weeks, there have been numerous reports of iPhones and iPods "exploding" in and around France.  There were apparently enough incidents to grab the attention of France's official consumer affairs agency, and enough to warrant an investigation by Apple.  The conclusion they have arrived at is that it isn't a battery malfunction as many have suggested, it's actually external force that has caused the cracking.
"To date, there are no confirmed battery overheating incidents for iPhone 3GS and the number of reports we are investigating is in the single digits," the firm said in a statement to AFP. "The iPhones with broken glass that we have analysed to date show that in all cases the glass cracked due to an external force that was applied to the iPhone," the company added.
Apple's commercial director in France, Michel Coulomb, met with French consumer affair minister Herve Novelli today to discuss the case.  Novelli agreed with Apple's conclusion regarding the cracked screens.
"The first results show, according to Apple management, that the iPhones weren't damaged by a battery defect leading to an explosion, but that there had been a prior shock that cracked the screens," the minister said.
Novelli also pointed out that they are not sure who to blame at this point, the users who have applied the force or Apple because of a possible design flaw.  The two sides have agreed to stay in contact, with Apple informing Novelli about the results of other tests. [via iLounge]

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