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BillMinder Receives A Facelift, Makes Remembering To Pay Bills A Breeze

August 28, 2009


BillMinder was one of the first bill tracking apps to hit the App Store and it has only gotten better over time.  BillMinder was recently update to v2.0, which features, among other things, a new interface that is not only easier on the eyes but also easier to use. BillMinder already contains tons of features to help you pay your bills on time, including the ability to calculate bill amounts, categorize accounts, backup and restore to a file, export to Excel, record paid date and amount, and alerts and icon badging.  BillMinder also has the ability to send Push Notifications when bills are due via a $.99 in-app purchase.  It is an annual charge that must be renewed manually.  With v2.0, things just keep getting better. billminder_screen3BillMinder v2.0 features:
  • New user interface
  • New icon
  • Status icons
  • Account icons
  • 1-tap to mark bills paid
  • Improved calendar
  • Email a backup
  • More informative errors on restoring a backup (e.g. wrong file type)
  • Ask to change future bills or just current one
  • Collectors are now accounts
  • Improved performance
  • Ability to set negative bill amount has been restored
  • Alert count is now shown on the Bills tab
  • Bug fixes
BillMinder gives you all of this for the sale price of $.99.

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