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'Comics' By ComiXology Gets 50 New Comics

August 24, 2009


The App Store currently contains tons of separate comics and comic book readers, but few can really compare to Comics by comiXology.  The app has hundreds of comics available for download and 50 more have just been added to the list for you to check out. Comics features an easy to navigate interface that allows you to search for a specific comic or browse by genre, creator, publisher, or rating.  The app is able to store as many comics as your device can handle, which means you won't have to go searching around through multiple pages to find the comic you desire.  The app also features comiXology's patent pending "Guided View," which is able to view comics panel by panel, dynamically masking the rest of the page.  You can also choose to view entire pages just as the writer intended.  Other features include a local comic book shop finder and a disk usage tracker/allocator. Comics is available in the App Store for $.99.  For that price you get 40 free comics and the ability to download tons more at prices ranging from $.99 to $1.99.  The developers have stated that they intend to add new comics weekly, so you shouldn't ever run out of content.  You can view all of the available comics at comiXology's website, and the new ones are contained within the first three pages. comics_screen1comics_screen2

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