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Gamer's Corner: Comic-Con '09, Disappointing?

August 4, 2009

comic-con-09 Hello, all. Fox here...been a few weeks since I've written this column or even been in town. Exciting things have happened for sure, both involving the iPhone and other things as well. By far the most interesting of all of this craziness has got to be Comic-Con '09, which was held in downtown San Diego this past week. Now, for those of you that have never been to one of these conventions, let me just say that everytime I go I'm in heaven for five days straight. I love it. I mean how can you not? Surrounded by everything I love and everything I like for five days...what else is there? It's actually four days, but with preview night it's basically five days. Okay, I know that it's crowded and you have to basicaly squat two or three panels prior to the one you want to see, but who cares. If you like comics, television/films, anime, video games, toys/collectables, etc. there really isn't any place better. Speaking of the video game section...see, this is eventually going somewhere, you just have to be patient..heh. Alright, so the video game section is getting bigger and bigger ever year. Just about every big gaming company was there...except for Apple. What the hell? I'm looking to you Steve. e3Seriously, there was nothing relating to the iPhone or Apple at all. I was very disappointed in that. I mean, I realize that Apple has their WWDC conference and MacWorld and all that good stuff, but still. I mean E3 is one of the biggest gaming cons around and everyone still goes to the San Diego comic convention. Not everyone can go to WWDC or E3, but anyone can attend Comic-Con. Why not have at least a booth or something. Even if it is one of those booths that have nothing on them except a big Apple logo or something? I don't get it? All day I found two things relating to the iPhone or games on the iPhone to be more specific. There is a television program on Showtime called Dexter, for those that have not heard of it. They had a kind of "Dexter" booth around the middle of the floor near the DC and Marvel booths. They were selling exclusive Dexter stuff and had giant billboard ads on the sides advertising the new season. dexter1As some of us know, there is a Dexter game coming to the iPhone sometime in August. At least that is what they are telling us for now, that might change though. At the booth they had two guys wearing a box type thing with "Dexter The Game" on the side. Each one had two iPhones on top of the box with the Dexter game available to play. This was really cool and I got a chance to try it out. It was really fun and I can't wait for the game to be released, but here's my issue with these guys. They were outside their booth, which in theory is where they should be. However, they were nowhere near the gaming section. The only way someone would see them is if they happened to wander over there. There was two of these guys. Why not send one over to the game booth, or just set up a booth over there? It made no sense to me and nobody was even playing the games. In fact most of the crowd was a little wary of these guys as they seemed really out of place. The only other "iPhone" related thing I found was a guy that had two iPhones on his booth displaying his comic app, which I thought was a really cool idea. You could view his original artwork, some hard copies of the comic, and the comic app. Again, a very cool idea. This guy was the only one doing this though... This was everything I could find after five days of wandering around. As much fun as I had, I was really let down by the lack of anything relating to Apple and its products. Why would a company that is just beginning to break into the gaming industry not have something here? I just don't get it. So here's what I want from you guys, ideas. What should they have had there? Maybe you feel that Apple shouldn't be there? Maybe not? Did you see anything there that I missed, in regards to Apple or the iPhone that is? Doubtful, but I could've missed something. Either way, I hope next year they at least have a small booth with someone handing out free Apple logo stickers. I mean they give them out for free when you buy any of their products for crying out loud...give us a booth!

App Pick of the Week

westbang_iphoneSince I've been gone for a few weeks, I've also been a little backed up in the games I've played. So this week the game I recommend has been out for a while, but man it was easily the best game I've played all year. Westbang is really a fun game. I know some people aren't into the game, but if you are, it's great. It is a perfect blend of those old styled shoot-out games you play at the carnival and a "spaghetti western film." If you are a fan of all things Wild West, I highly recommend this one. It has great controls, addicting gameplay, and it really kept me busy at Comic-Con this year while I waited for The Venture Bros. panel. Until next week...

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