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Pangea Software Gives The App Store "The Finger"

August 5, 2009


Pangea Software has plenty of quality games already available for the iPhone, so instead of making another large, fleshed out game, they decided to give the App Store The Finger. thefinger_screenThe Finger is not only a great name, but it is also a neat concept.  The Finger is a 3D cartoon-like hand animation app that allows you to express yourself through hand gestures.  The app comes with over 90 built-in hand gestures, like punch, peace, and gun, but that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Since Apple wouldn't allow "inappropriate content," The Finger doesn't actually contain a hand gesture for "the finger," but thanks to the ability to pose the hand in almost any way you see fit, you can actually give someone else the finger with this app if you so please.  The Finger also allows you to string together multiple poses and animate them, and it is even able to convert text to American Sign Language, so this isn't just a novelty app. Brian Greenstone, the president of Pangea Software, has also created another behind-the-scenes game development video, this time for The Finger, which we have included below.  If you are keeping score, this is video number six. The Finger is available in the App Store for the introductory price of $.99.

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